Code of Conduct

Why a Code of Conduct?

Nepal's developer community is constantly developing. We see it as our duty to do everything in our power to foster a welcoming and secure atmosphere for hackathons and the community at large. We want to expand the spaces where people who are otherwise discriminated against, harassed, or intimidated can feel safe and secure. Hackathons, in our opinion, may advance not just technology but also culture. This Code of Conduct exists not merely for its own sake but also as a testament to our continued dedication to resolving the aforementioned problems.


All participants, sponsors, and other stakeholders in DeerHack, as well as any projects created here, are subject to this Code of Conduct.

The Short Version

DeerHack is dedicated to providing an inclusive hackathon environment for all participants, regardless of gender, gender identity, and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, color, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), or technological preferences. Any form of harassment of our participants is not acceptable. At DeerHack, profane language and imagery included in presentations during workshops and/or in internet media are not acceptable. Participants who violate these rules may be sanctioned or dismissed from the event. We are committed to providing a welcoming and encouraging developer community. Participants from all walks of life are welcome, and we respect each and every one of them.

No Plagiarism or Re-Use of Past Work

Only projects developed during DeerHack will be considered. However, you must disclose the extent of the prior use with your submission if you desire to submit projects that contain previously used code or re-submit a project that you previously submitted to another hackathon. If it is discovered during an inspection that the project has reused code that was not disclosed with the submission, the organizer may ask the participant to describe the connections and differences between the old and new work, or they may disqualify the submission from receiving awards on its own merits.

Rules for Participants:

  • Participants of all ages, genders, and geographies are welcome.
  • To attend DeerHack, the age is limited to students who are between 18 and 25 years old.
  • Members of the organizing committee or Deerwalk Institute of Technology are not eligible to participate in DeerHack.
  • Participants in IT and graphic design must be familiar with programming, graphic and web design, UI development, cloud computing, mobile computing, solutions architecture, and so on.
  • Shortlisted applicants must produce the following documentation upon request of the organizers:
    • The applicant's college Identity Card.
    • Examples of the candidate's work or portfolio.
  • Consumption of any illegal substances inside the Deerwalk Complex premises is strictly forbidden. If found, disciplinary actions will be taken.

Rules for Team Formation

  • Teams can have a maximum of five members.
  • Each team must have at least three members.
  • All teams should consider creating a multi-disciplinary team which in turn can attract benefits related to marks allotment during the Demo Day.
  • Changes to team members are not allowed after team formation unless the committee finds the reason to be legitimate.

Rules for Project Development

  • No development should begin before the event's actual date and time. Any teams found violating this condition will be disqualified immediately. Yet, it is recommended that you plan ahead of time and structure your idea.
  • Written documentation and design sketches are permitted.
  • Any software development tools, game engines, IDE, and programming language that conforms to the Creative Commons License agreement standard or is freely available and/or you have a license to use them can be used during the event.
  • Upon request, proof of license must be provided.
  • A team cannot produce software that encourages racism, sexuality, nudity, or other code of conduct violations.

Rules for Project Submission

  • Only registered teams will be permitted to submit their product.
  • The project's content should not be plagiarized and must be the team's original work.
  • During each step of the hackathon, all teams must guarantee that components are submitted in the prescribed formats properly.
  • All work will be thoroughly examined by an expert panel, and appropriate grades will be assigned.
  • The panel's judgment will be final, but teams may request feedback from the experts.
  • Following the completion of the third phase (Product Development), at least one member from each team will be required to present to the judges.

No Harassment Policy

We do not tolerate any form of harassment of hackathon participants, including offensive verbal discrimination, public display of sexual material in public settings, willful disruption, intentional intimidation, stalking, inappropriate physical contact, unwanted sexual advances, and taking pictures and audio/video recordings without the subject's consent.

Reporting Guidelines

Please get in touch with a member of our staff right away if you are experiencing harassment, see someone else experiencing harassment, are worried about the event's safety and the participants' health, find any violations of this Code of Conduct, notice any other suspicious activity, or have any other concerns. We will gladly assist participants in contacting security or in finding other ways to make individuals who are being harassed feel secure throughout the hackathon.

DeerHack members will be identifiable by their distinct uniforms and IDs.

All reports will be kept confidential.

Consequences of Violations

Failure to follow the above-mentioned Rules and Code of Conduct may result in (at the discretion of the organizers):

  • Disqualification of the offending team.
  • Barring their access to DeerHack resources and/or any facilities to be provided.
  • Reporting of their actions to local law enforcement.

Addressing Grievances

If you believe you have been falsely or unfairly accused of breaching this Code of Conduct, please alert a member of the organizing team and provide a brief summary of your grievance. Our committee will handle your complaint in accordance with our existing internal governing policies.

If you have questions regarding your application, contact:

Prayatna Mishra : 9860050391
Bipashree Aryal: 9840033009
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Venue: Deerwalk Complex
Date: 5th - 7th May, 2023
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